Personal Professional Development Goals

Teaching is a profession where you are constantly growing and trying to be better than you were the day before. Everything you do, you do with your students in mind and hope they will gain a better learning experience from. Some goals I have in mind for myself include:

  • Eliminate slang language
  • Provide clear instruction
  • Keep all students engaged throughout the lesson
  • Time management
  • Ask thought provoking questions
  • Regaining students focus
  • Teacher voice
  • Meet all students 1 on 1 after instruction
  • Extend wait time after questions
  • Using technology in the classroom
  • Student autonomy.
  • Promoting parent involvement
  • Using mindfulness
  • Using different assessment styles


This list will never be complete and goals on the list should never be a one time thing. As a teacher you need to always add and go back repeatedly.

Unit Plan Shared

The difference between theory and reality can be a large. While it was beneficial to go in with a plan, I ended up switching, removing and adding new lessons the more I interacted with students. Comparing the 2 shows how much growth this short period provided me. This comparison can be found on this google doc.