The Pretty Sky

“Ooh look at the pretty sky!” I say

All streaked with reds, oranges, and pinks.

I stare out the window in awe

It must be magic I think.

“You love your pretty sky,” he says pulling the car over.

“What are we doing, where are we going?”

“Well getting a picture with your pretty sky of course”


We run through the field to find a perfect spot

It has now deepen to a violet blue, with strokes of bubblegum pink, and clouds so thin and light

It turns out perfect, we like it a lot.

Our cheeks are rosy from the brisk winter’s wind

But our smiles are big, and arms outstretched like a welcome

Saying “here we are, let the adventure begin.”


Oh to the pretty sky, I hope others notice you

So mysterious, and full of wonder,

And so, so beautiful too.

I hope they notice the constant art you display

And as we continue with our habits,

My only hope is that you are here to stay.

The Beauty of Nature


The main theme that I interpreted from the reading “The Sounds of Silverbells” was the importance and beauty of nature. Every person has their own definition of nature and what it means to them. Some see it’s importance over it’s beauty and vice versa; others see something completely different. For me however, for as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the beauty of nature making this the strongest connection that I able to make to the text. The reading emphasizes that the main character in the story wanted her students to recognize what more nature has to offer than just biology. As her students are studying pre-med, biology is a large area of their studies. This story takes us on the journey and discoveries made throughout the camping trip; we are able to observe a lot of learning but on page 221, the main character discloses her anxious feeling of failure. She worries that the students did not retain the nature aspect of the trip, only the biology information they were given. The text is concluded with her students spontaneously singing “Amazing Grace.” The singing of this song reassured that the message of the importance of nature had been attained on the trip.
For my visual representation of this reading, I wanted to create a picture using pieces from an old magazine. I wanted to do this because nature is very unique. No two forests, or jungles, or even parks look the same anywhere around the world. Every tiny little piece of paper that I used to make up my visual representation is different. No two are the same just like in nature. As I was reading the text, I kept thinking back to the camping trips I taken. I attempted to recreate the scenes of Banff, Cypress Hills, and Duck Mountain in my visual representation by incorporating a mountain, a river, trees, flowers, and of course the beautiful sky.